Case Study: Lily’s Tea

Lily’s Tea is my absolute favourite tea to drink, I go through masses of their green tea every week! I love the product but I don’t love the branding or packaging…it just doesn’t do justice to the wonderful product (…in my humble opinion!)


Please note this is NOT a client project, it’s a rebranding project I did on the side. I don’t do a lot of packaging design, so it was good practice and it’s also nice to work on a product that you actually like when doing a side project.


The first thing to tackle was the logo. There was the beginnings of a nice idea in the current logo with the tea leaf, so I kept the concept, but redrew the visual and incorporated it more with the letters, using it as the apostrophe. The text was changed to a bold and modern serif style. I love the high contrast (thin to thick) serifs of these letters; it’s elegant as well as bold and confident. I also developed a simpler icon version of the logo which is useful for social media, avatars and responsive designs.


The green colour palette of the existing branding was fine, just updated to a soft but vibrant combination which would also complement the colour palette for the range of teas which would need new packaging. I wanted to use a softer colour palette for the packaging for a more elegant feel. I also created a set of linear patterns which would act as background graphic for the packaging and other branded materials.


The packaging is the most important part of the rebrand, as it’s the first engagement a customer has with the brand, and  it needs to be visible and enticing on shelves. The current packaging is very busy with a lot of different fonts, text and background graphics and patterns as well as the die-cut window which shows the the teabags inside. It results in a very noisy look when multiple boxes are side by side on a shelf. I pared the design totally back for a much calmer style and with minimum elements on the front side, it puts the emphasis on the logo and product.


This was a really fun side project, I’m really happy with the results. And if any potential clients want to hit me up for a lovely packaging project, that would be fab!!